Introducing: Crockery Farm

Crockery Farm is a unique and exciting 'concertina-style' picture book. It tells the story of Pete, an unenthusiastic eater and his dog Barney:

An unexpected adventure unfolds, when Pete finds Farmer Giles, Polly and 'Crockery Farm' hiding amidst his left overs. Pete and Barney are in for some fun and learning when Giles and his wife show them a wholly different perspective on the journey food makes as it travels from farm to plate and Pete gains a new appreciation for meal-times.

Illustrated as a contiguous story-strip: 'Crockery Farm' is a wonderful book, a beautiful artwork and an inspiring educator. As a picture book, it will grace bookshelves while stretched out flat, it will adorn both classrooms and bedrooms alike.

Crockery Farm is an imaginative way to introduce the annual farming cycle. It is suitable for children of 5 to 7 years, but designed to embrace a wider group. The story seeks to actively expose its audience to different vegetable varieties, whilst highlighting the 'rejection' of food as a waste of so much more than simply the food on the plate.

The Small Book with the Wide Reach

"the message the story gives its readers about the journey of food from farm to plate is an important one. I have recommended it to other staff at my school" - Viv Morley, Melksham